Image Consultant and Truman Capote


Image consultants can help writers improve their look. Truman Capote acted as his own image consultant, but he made numerous mistakes. A professional image consultant could have helped him achieve even greater success.


Truman Capote was born in 1924 in New Orleans. The salient facts of his early life are as follows: His mother was only 17 when he was born; her husband divorced her when the boy was four; his mother locked him in a room; he felt lonely and screamed to be let free; his mother remarried and the boy’s new father was convicted of embezzlement.

The case can be made that Capote experienced a traumatic childhood. As such, he was predisposed to be artistic, according to the work of Frank Sulloway.


In his youth he was rather unconcerned about his appearance. He wore baggy pants and wrinkled polo shirts. These were in patterns that were hard to look at: big stripes and odd colors.

When he began publishing, at 23, he wore sweaters and shirts with the collar out, to look good for publicity photos (for example for the book Other Voices, Other Rooms). At the age of 35 he can be seen ice skating in Rockefeller Center in a snappy outfit, with a nice pair of trousers and a scarf. He is wearing a beret and a wool sweater.

About the time he published In Cold Blood, he began wearing suits and bow ties. Then he began wearing a hat with a brim. At fifty-three he would wear a big straw hat and ask people if they liked it. He was proud of it.

Capote was clearly his own image consultant. He chose to wear more fashionable clothes when he achieved some success. During the developmental and mastery phases of his career (which we have written about elsewhere) he began wearing better trousers and shirts. But he made numerous mistakes. People don’t trust men in bow ties. A writer needs to be trusted. Also his hats, which are his signature look, did little to flatter his face.


The immediate effect of working with an image consultant is to improve your look. Truman Capote tried to improve his look himself, and he succeeded to some extent. But people made fun of him for the hat. And subconsciously the bow ties did not help his case.

An image consultant could have helped him select clothes that would have flattered his figure (which was very thin) and his face (which was very round). The hats he selected were not the best for this purpose. We help people look good and project a more powerful image. We are especially useful for artists in the developmental and mastery phases of their career. This means we could have helped Capote when he was beginning to publish and after he had achieved fame with In Cold Blood.

If you are a writer and wish to improve your look, take a lesson from the life of Truman Capote. While there are some things that you can accomplish yourself, it always helps to have professional advice. Had Mr. Capote used an image consultant his work might be even more widely read today.

Free Debt Settlement Consultation

A free debt settlement consultation is available to anyone that has credit card or personal loan debt of $10k or more that is at a collection agency. If a collection agency (or several collection agencies) are annoying you with the constant reminder of an upaid credit card or personal loan bill, then debt settlement is an option that should be seriously considered. A quick online inquiry or 10 minute phone call can change your whole financial picture.

Did you know that seriously delinquent credit card debt is bought and sold on the open market? Well, it is. Once a consumer is 6-12 months past due on their credit card payments, it is considered “bad debt” and the credit card companies write it off as a loss on their taxes. Once they take that loss, they cannot collect on it anymore. However, they can SELL IT, and that’s what they do. Collection agencies are in the business of buying “bad debt”. They purchase your overdue account from your creditor for a percentage of what you owe, and try to collect the amount in full from you.

This can be further explained in your free debt settlement consultation, but here is an example: Jane had three credit cards that she received ten years ago. Each card came with a $5,000 limit. She was making great money when she was approved for each of the accounts. For the first three years, she used her cards regularly and was able to make all of the minimum payments. Sometimes she even paid more than the minimum payments to keep her balances low. Three years ago Jane lost her job and had to use her charge cards more often. In what seems like an instant, all her cards were maxed out. Times continued to be tough for a while and she was unable to make any payments at all – not even the minimum. After 6 months, the accounts were purchased by collection agences who have relentlessly been trying to collect on these accounts for the past year. Jane is now coming out of the tough times and wants to get her finances back in order and her credit repaired so she can move forward with her life. Jane should get a free debt settlement consultation.

You see, the collection agencies that bought Jane’s accounts from the credit card companies bought them for a small percentage of what she owes. They are now trying to collect the accounts in full from Jane. Why should she have to pay the accounts in full when her original creditors already wrote the debts off on their taxes, AND the collection agencies that purchased them only paid a percentage of what she owed? She doesn’t. Jane, too, only has to pay a percentage of her accounts to get them cleared up. This is debt settlement, and can be a consumer’s saving grace. Debt settlement programs help consumers get back on their feet and avoid filing bankruptcy because of overdue credit cards and personal loans. The impact on a consumer credit report is less damaging for debt settlement than it is when bankruptcy is filed.

Consultants – The Reasons You Aren’t Getting Clients

You’re an expert in your field, have wonderful communication skills and offer real value for money, but still you can’t keep your client pipeline filled. Somehow your brilliance is escaping the notice of the most important group-your target market. What’s wrong? Why isn’t the phone ringing? How come your website isn’t flooded with requests for your expert advice? Keep reading to find out why.

1. You talk funny: This is the number one reason I think people hesitate to hire a consultant. Your website reads like a textbook (it’s boring and confusing). When you have conversations with potential clients you use lots of jargon, even when it’s not necessary to make your point. And you have slick, elegant and unreadable marketing materials. It’s wonderful that you are qualified and know your industry, but resist the urge to use every key term in one sentence.

2. You’re fishing in the wrong pond: Ever been to a networking event where a room full of consultants wasted an evening trying to sell to each other? I thought so. “Everyone” is not your potential client; stop acting as if it were true. Gear your marketing to your REAL customer base, and make sure you understand who this group is and where to find them. Spend your time with your peers learning, collaborating and supporting each other.

3. You’re too helpful: The same qualities that make you a good consultant can trip you up. Problem one, you fall victim to the “free introductory session” shopper. These are people who go from consultant (or coach) to consultant having free introductory sessions in an effort to solve their problems without ever investing in the solution. If you are still using the free first session model and you don’t have a full schedule of paying clients-stop. Change your approach. The second problem with being helpful… your investigation and diagnosis conversation turns into a list of suggestions and solutions. This happens when you get too involved in the issues before clarifying the scope of the whole project and getting agreement on payment. Having lots of one appointment clients? You might be helping yourself out of work and cheating your clients out of a real relationship.

4. You refuse advice: Not much explanation needed here. You think you are so smart that no one can tell you anything. The result is you alienate clients, make the same mistakes over and over again and are left wondering why no one wants to hire you.

5. Your ego needs to go on a diet: Closely related to number 4, this problem can derail your business. Your specialized knowledge is great; it’s the reason people seek you out. However your education or background does not make you a better person than everyone else. There’s a difference between confidence and arrogance. Learn it. Be helpful and sure of your expertise but don’t be a jerk.

6. You don’t follow up: It’s a classic entrepreneur mistake. No matter how great you are in your specific industry, you have to follow through with client communication. When people seek out a consultant they are already “feeling some pain”; they’re uncomfortable. It’s up to you to make the process of getting help less painful. Return those calls, emails, and answer those tweets. If someone comments on your blog-engage them in conversation. Don’t wait for clients to realize your brilliance on their own and make all the arrangements. They won’t.

Pro Energy Consultants Franchise Business Opportunity – Review

In This Pro Energy Consultants Franchise Business Opportunity Review. I will summarize the value of this franchise business opportunity so you can have an informed decision on whether or not it is a legitimate franchise business, or a business opportunity you my consider. Let’s take a look at Pro Energy Consultants franchise


Pro Energy Consultants was established in 1994 and has become the nation’s largest energy conservation auditing company with franchise locations from coast to coast. Pro Energy Consultants offers a franchise business opportunity to the individual who is interested in supporting the natural environment of our planet and how we consume energy. As a Pro Energy Consultant you will become one of the leaders in energy efficiency and auditing.


The Energy Consultants have successfully captured the energy auditing business. They have designed a platform for the individual to utilize the trends of today and tomorrow, and with the cost of oil and gas ever changing with an upward trend, Americans are becoming green conscious. Effectively this is a franchise that has a huge potential for growth in the coming years. For those interested in this line of work and have the 39 K available to invest in this franchise – Pro Energy is the way to go. Today, Pro Energy franchisees are uttering those same phrases and reaping the rewards of their vision – a vision they share with everyone at Pro Energy – that energy and energy costs are not a passing concern. With the state of the economy, the state of our energy reserves, and the state of our environment, the new American awareness of energy usage is here to stay.

The Energy Consultant Franchise Opportunity will provide you if you decide to become established.

Real World Know how.
Get In debt Training from The best In the Energy Consultants Business.
Become trained how to build a business based on the passion for people and the environment.
Build your business around the quality of life while establishing a significant income.

In my opinion, The Pro Energy franchise is a sound business opportunity. The long term potential of this business is enormous if marketed and managed properly to the right individual or business. However with all franchise business opportunities you have to do your due diligence, and than make the investment of Money, Time, and Discipline. You will become a business owner and have a whole list of new responsibilities that you will not be able to tackle on your own. My suggestion is to do yourself a favor and invest in a comprehensive internet marketing, training, and mentoring program. It is always best to ask about coaching and mentoring and to learn how to effectively market online to help accelerate your future success in this business.